When You Don't Know What to Write...

Some days I don't know what to write about. It's not that I don't actually have anything to write because I could get a dictionary and choose random words and make up sentences then have them become scenes and from these create whole stories. No, it's not that. It's that everything I think about I don't WANT to write about. I end up walking away from the desk rather than battling through the misery of trying to write something. I guess I'm afraid that it may end up being what I consider worthless.

Today I battled that same dilemma (yet again) BUT today I thought, SO WHAT? What if I write crap? What if it's totally useless and worthless? And then I thought, SO WHAT?!

Writers write because it brings them pleasure. (I write because it brings me pleasure. If I'm really lucky it also brings someone else pleasure but this most times I never know about).

There is an abundance of reasons for writing (or not writing) and all of them are personal and individual. You may write because you are sad and want to sort through your feelings. It may be that you write because you like to listen to the voices in your head and writing them down gets them out and onto the paper. How I wish I had those voices (when I want them). Or, you may be happy and want to share your happiness. We could go on all day about why we write and what inspires us but for most beginning writers and even some of the more fermented writers among us it can be all about: WHAT should I be writing?

To that I say, just write. It doesn't matter if you write a thousand words and burn them immediately afterwards as long as you get something from doing it and you feel good about yourself.

Just go for it!!!

Go on, write.

Right now.

Write anything ~ be brave!

Zak - the brave

PS:  Oh! And if you're really stuck, here's a picture prompt to get your devious writers mind thinking...

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