Writing ~ Use Of Ellipsis ... or not!


Oh confessions confessions!

I was doing some editing for a fellow writer-friend (yes, I do have some friends after all) who's about to start submitting his recently finished fiction novel (subject: climate change) when I kept noticing his constant use of ellipsis. 

As I have a passion for ellipsis (I have to confess a love of ellipsis). Just the sound of that word and the look of it, ohhh …. 
In case you haven’t noticed I almost always use ellipsis when posting my titles and I overuse them everywhere like an addiction. Bad bad Zakster!

But lo and behold I was shocked and ashamed to find out today (suicide was a considered option this morning) that I've been using them incorrectly! Arrrrrgggghhh!

Okay, back to reality. It’s only grammar. It’s only something I spend most of my spare time on. It’s okay. It’s okay! It's not okay.

I had to do further research on this, Ellipsis, matter. 

It was like finding out your child has been having sex, or your boss at work has been screwing one of your co-workers (as always you were the last to find out) or you’ve grown a wart. It’s distressing. 

So, I pulled out all stops and starting investigating. 

Of course my first stop was Shrunk and White, God only knows why! That didn’t help me. Then I went on to some online forums to see if the majority would/could rule on the matter. The arguments being ellipsis should look like …. 

That is, space dot dot dot space. And, because it was the end of a sentence it was given a period as well. Then some people said space dot dot dot no period required. 

So it looks something like …

Well, I’ve been using it like…

See that! That is, dot dot dot space with no space between the last word and the first dot in the ellipsis. Oh what an error to make! Oh, and I overuse exclamation marks too. They are so cute! Don’t cha … think?

Anyway, I ended up admitting I was WRONG, and others were right or misled and accepted the definition as this:

—Use an ellipsis (three dots, . . . ) to indicate the omission of one or more words in condensing quotes and other textual material. Space before and after the ellipsis and between periods within the ellipsis. If the ellipsis occurs inside a sentence, it consists of three dots; if it occurs at the end of a sentence, follow the ellipsis with a period—a total of four dots.

What do you think on the matter? 

Do you have a strong opinion either way or do you think we should all get over it? 

Should someone rule on this matter?

Why has Shrunk and White not taken a stronger stance on this matter before today?

Zak - the perfectionist and self-tortured soul ....

Oh, and I found a bit more on ellipsis on some other blogs - if you're interested >here and also just around the corner down the street, >here ...

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