Writers Must Read ....

THEY say, writers must read ....

So, that's where I've been lately, reading, and more reading.

I've read newspapers, journals, blogs, emails, novels and text books. At the moment I'm reading Stephen King's latest novel 11.22.63. I like the concept and I always learn a lot about writing when I read King's work. 

This time I've discovered that, yeah, King, can write a thrilling story and he can also write lame in parts. And, you know, I like that in a writer. I don't want my writer to be perfect because it takes away the human element and after all, we are supposed to be human and want to appear that way. At least I think we are supposed to be/stay human, perhaps that's not necessarily true but I'm not going to get sidetracked on that subject matter.

So, reading King's novel which I've enjoyed so far - it's a lengthy novel.  But at the moment I'm bogged down in the part where the main character has a love interest and, boy, do I find this bit boring. I don't think, King, does romance all that well. It comes across somehow, ugh, hate to use this word "cheesy" - but it does fit here for what I’m trying to express.

I'm like, how long is supposed love section going to go on? But I'm into the story now so I want to get through this part to get back onto the good stuff - you know - the story behind the story of stopping the death of J.F.K. and the consequences of such an action.

Is anyone else reading any novels? 
What are you reading? How is it for you?

Zak - the avid reader

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Writing is pointless ...

Ocassionally when I write I think it's pointless because someone has already written something so much better or more important but I like to write so I keep writing anyway.

I guess what I'm trying to share here is, if you like to write then do it anyway. 

Write what you want to write and don't let that inner voice scare you from doing what you really want to do. 

I guess that goes for anything in life, really. 

Be brave. Write! Live!

Zak - the believer

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Keeping it Tidy ~ For every one email received delete two ...


Happy to report. 

My new rule -

  •  For every one email received I delete two
is working! 

I now have over 200,000 emails a nice decrease from the 500,000 or so that I started with.

And, I have been consistently deleting older files each time I turn on my computer.  It feels nice to have a tidy computer, or at least it's getting there.

Zak - Happy!