After the Writers Chatroom ... What?

 I regularly visit, The Writers Chatroom it's a great place for writers (or would-be writers) to visit and discuss writing. 

The topics are many and varied and once a week there is a guest chat and an open chat. 

Check out the website for details. 

When in there, we discuss all the big writerly issues like some from this weeks chat:

What is Ralan?

What is SFFH?

What is a dropbox or skydrive?

Is that like the Cloud?

Anyone got any good book suggestions on the topic of writing?

If you feel swearing makes a character sound less than intelligent, do you feel the same way about incomplete sentences in dialogue?

Are there black novels?

And other questions too many to mention here.  

Do you have questions about writing? 

Post them here ... 

Zak - the ever more curious

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