Getting your novel or short fiction story published ...

Getting your novel or short fiction story published ...
Do you find it tough getting your stories published?

Like all markets the writers market is crammed with competition and this is a good thing.

Yeah, it is, really.

Competition makes us try harder. 

It makes us sets goals and achieve. 

It makes us    ~     s        t        r        e        t        c        h       ~

They say it’s easier to publish non-fiction than fiction but what’s easier?
What’s your definition of easier? Making stuff up or researching for hours and hours on a topic? 

OF COURSE it’s not really that simple is it?

The main thing is we should never give up.

Don’t feel alone, yeah you may be a frog in a birds mouth or a bird in a frogs mouth, but many of the now famous authors had trouble getting their fiction published too. Think of J.K. Rowling, Stephen King or John Grisham, Dan Brown or James Patterson

Did you know that James Patterson first published in 1976? 
That means he's been publishing his work for well over thirty years and how many years before that did he write? Practice, practice, practice got him there in the end. 

Did it not?

So now we know that many fiction submissions get turned down every day and even those people who put a book out every year or every second year also struggled at one stage and persevered until they too became published.

There are so many books published every year and yes this makes it hard for your novel or short story to get noticed but do not despair because for every book published there are more readers out there wanting to read something different. I’m one of them myself. It takes me years to write a novel and only a week or so to read one so don’t be bemused and get writing!

There’s hope for us yet.

Also, there’s a lot of less than wonderful fiction out there but remember editors are often rejecting stories not because they are bad but simply because that particular story at that time didn’t fit their theme for the week, month or year. Your work was possibly not a good fit in that particular niche so if you believe you have written something worthwhile (and you believe it's good) then be brave and re-submit your work to another publisher.

Keep trying!

An edible frog catches a small bird. Sometimes frogs too can achieve bigger better goals ...
A rare photo from pia aalbers. 
Never give up!

photo credit: Ismael Rubio via photo pin cc
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