Ten Tips to Excite the Writing Out of You ...

It's the weekend!

Sometimes writing (or being a writer) can get a bit too serious. Considering the weekend is here, LET'S PLAY!!!

Write with unadulterated abandon.
Here’s Ten Tips to excite the writing out of you ...
  • Write naked
  • Write in the bath (shower)
  • Record a story whilst in the shower. (You will need a voice activated recorder for this one).
  • Write while blowing bubbles (if you don’t have any bottled bubbles) go steal some dish washing liquid and make a loop with a fine piece of wire or a twisty and get blowing.
  • Write out loud (yes, that’s what I said. Speak the words out loud to the dog if you must and write them down as you go. Also, write what the dog says too).
  • Write backwards, upside down, left handed. Writing in a mirror is fun. Anything to frustrate the writing process.
  • Write about something you’ve never been game to write about before.
  • Write in another color or use several colors or use a different form: crayons, textas, charcoal, or something you’ve never written with before. If you are going to use a rock I have some nieces that are expert at writing on the side of their Mum and Dad’s vehicle. Warning:   This is expensive.
  • DON’T write at a local coffee shop. It’s old hat and JKs already been there!
Most of all (as always) enjoy yourself!

Where are some of the places and ways you like to write?

Zak - Writing Weekend 

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