Get That Manuscript Out of the Bottom Drawer ...

SO YOU think you’re Manuscript is going to miraculously rise up out of the drawer like a  Phoenix. 

Poof! Pow! Cha-Ching! And Waalaar! There it is: A shiny masterpiece complete with glittering stars, jewels and flames lashing wildly at its edges: BUY ME BUY ME NOW!

Sounds like something a fantasy writer would believe doesn't it?

Forget it!

Unless you are a fantasy writer and have an incantation that can actually make this happen then you know what? The manuscript wont grow a million little legs and tinkle winkle its way off to the Publisher on a Wednesday and get itself printed or Nooked on its own. 

No No No! It's NOT gonna happen! Get real!

Be nice though, wouldn't it?

Okay, here comes the cruncher. 

And you know what's coming ... 

You've heard it ALL before but you just want to hear it again a little differently, don't you. 

You want your butt to catch fire and suddenly be enthused to finish those dreaded edits and swallow that heart that's been clogging your gob for the past umpteen years. 
Well buddy. Get over yourself.

Nothing's gonna happen unless you make it so. 

Now, go do that!

Make it so.

Zak - Heading back to the Cauldron
OHS Note:Fumes by cauldrons may cause delusions of grandeur ~ always wear recommended PPE
And, always read the small print!

photo credit: allspice1 via photo pin cc
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