Writing is hard.


Writing is hard.

Really it is.

Not the writing itself.

The process of pen to paper or fingers to keyboard now that's the easy part.The putting words out there is relatively easy in itself. But the true process of writing consistently, effectively and efficiently. That's the hard part. The writing that gets your audience to read. Now, that's challenging.

Writing as though you really have something worth saying. As though you have something worth writing about to share. For someone to want to read it? That's the hardest part.

The most important part about the writing process is to keep taking action.

Even when you think it's all too hard. You must keep taking action (keep writing).
As Nike say, "Just do it!"

Do it every day.

Do it with fervor

Do it consistently

Do it consciously (with purpose).

To make your writing happen and to improve your craft you cannot simply write once a week as you really won't improve by doing that minor effort. Seriously, you won't improve much at all.

If you seriously want to become better at the craft of writing then you simply must (like anything) practice. That is, write like anything and write anything. But keep doing it.

And, when you are not actually writing you must be thinking about what you will write about the next time you get the chance.

Here's some interesting facts:

Stephen King says he writes 2,000 words per day.

In his younger days Stephen Donaldson was happy to achieve over 2,000 words per day. Nowadays he can write anywhere from 1500 to over 7,500 words per day.
Note: He takes weekends and public holidays off.

Dame Agatha Christie wrote 69 novels and 19 plays. That's a lot of words per day!

Another Dame, Dame Barbara Cartland wrote 722 books. That was one book release every 40 days!

Of course, when NanoWriMo comes around in November many writers will strive to write 1,667 words per day for a whole month!

With writing, practice really does make perfect or at the least perfect practice will make perfect ~ let's hope.

Now go write!

Zak - writes at least 250 words every day of the year 
(except for the days she doesn't) ...

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photo credit: Î’ethan via photo pin cc

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