This post inspired by an interview conducted by Molly Meldrum (recovering from a near death accident) with Katy Perry (see the interview here and remember to come back) as she gives an entertaining interview about her experiences as a...

What? Exactly? Would you say, “Pop Star?” 

No, more than that?  

 AND, her new movie.

Katy mentions she has learned a lot of lessons and I can’t help but feel the lessons she’s learned so far are just the tip of the iceberg for her busy life. When you live such a BIG LIFE you can’t help but stumble upon even BIGGER LESSONS. I think she’s up for the task and only time will tell. 

As Katy says, she’s “achieving her dreams and living her dreams” and anyone who has ever really approached the fulfillment of their dreams knows along with dreams come barriers, life lessons, obstacles, struggles and of course moments of joy and exhilaration too.

How does a Katy Perry interview fit in with the life of a writer and the writing of stories? 

It actually fits perfectly.

The conflict, struggles, lessons of your characters make up the mix of a good story. 

When you have all these morsels in your stories you also have the potential to shift people from their ennui to suppurate or simply move your readers to emotions that draw them into your stories and keep them reading to the final bitter or happy end. 

AT that final end the reader is happy it’s all ended well or at least over but also somewhat sad to say goodbye to all the characters and the joy of the journey and that’s the trick to a really good novel or series of novels. Katy does this extremely well using her own life as the impetus for her continuing success. 

I loved Katy’s line when speaking to Molly, 

                      “So glad you’re back, and you’re well, and you’re alive”.

What a lovely statement so how honest and open. Katy glows. She really is sexy, sassy and those eyes! Wow.

As a writer you should naturally be asking questions:

How is her mother feeling?

What does her father think about all this? 

I wonder how her mother copes with her little girl’s life. I’m sure she has conflicted feelings over her daughters’ success and life choices.

Express how scared you are that she will eventually give too much of herself away or the hope that she doesn’t?

And for Katy Perry to be out there in the arena as it were. Her every move on display, every mistake or triumph - out there for all to judge or enjoy.

Capture these emotions into your novel and well ... the rest indeed will be history, as they say.

Get those emotions into your stories and squeeze a little more from your work as Katy Perry squeezed that cream from her titties on stage that night.

Keep 'em guessing,
keep writing!

 Zak - Taking some time out to enjoy a Katy Perry moment.
photo credit: Michael @ NW Lens via photo pin cc
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