It's the Weekend ~ Time for Word Games

It's the weekend!

And I'm so bored!

No. That's a lie. We writers never get bored.

We may not feel like writing sometimes and that's when we occupy ourselves with word games. 

Yes, us writers never stop learning.

Here's some fun games to get that brain going ...

Try Online:
Text Twist!

Text Twist (It works best using Internet Explorer for some reason).

Free Rice (Here you can learn and donate to charity at the same time).

Scrabble (You will need Facebook for this game)

If you like Apps, try these:

Words With Friends

Whirly Wind

Hanging With Friends

There are hundred more so do a search and see what you can find. If you find some good ones please share.

A simple one I may have mentioned before is simply choosing three letters as the first three letters of any word you can think of ... 
for example AXE ... You can make up the words Axe Axed Axel. 

I only found eight words with these three letters. 

How many can you find? 

Try another TRE ... Tree, Tremble, Tremor, etc.
Note: You cannot name places or names of people only things.

Now, go have some fun!

Zak ~ Exercising the brain

photo credit: herzogbr via photo pin cc
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