The Willpower of Writing ...

Writing every day (or getting a novel written) is a common subject on writing blogs and definitely throughout the history of this blog. 

It’s a regular topic not because it’s complicated. As writers we struggle with it every single day and yet still have this urge to write.
Either we are not writing often enough or we are not getting written what we really want to write about so we procrastinate or simply give it away or make excuses to do it later.

How do we develop the willpower to commit to writing every day? 

How do we keep that promise to ourselves (or someone else) that we will write every day?

Is it really about willpower? 
Is it simpler than that?

I like to refer to it as our want power because unless you really want to write every day nothing is going to happen. 

Thinking about what you want to write can lead you to look at what you don’t want to write. This is actually a very helpful exercise. Deciding what you don't want to write helps our minds rule out those things that we are not interested in and those things are simply distractions. Those thoughts that creep into our being and chomp away at our desires.

So, what is it you want to write about?

What is it that you don’t want to write about?

How often do you want to write?

Is writing a priority for you?

Is it important to you?

Once you decide what you want to and DO NOT want to write and HOW OFTEN then you need to focus your attention on the WAY you will achieve what you want.

Spend time this week thinking about what you want from your writing. 

Also think about what you don’t want and then we shall look at ways to achieve our desires.

Until next week, happy days!

Zak - Seeking to find the wants, not wants, and whys of a writers life.

photo credit: Carolyn_Sewell via photo pin cc
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