Zakgirl on Writing: René Descartes: I think, therefore I am.


René Descartes ~ I think, therefore I am. 

This French philosopher, mathematician, and writer wrote Passions of the Soul and in this work he wrote this really cool line that he will write on this topic "as if no one had written on these matters before".

Now doesn’t that open you up to writing anything?

Doesn’t that inspire enthusiasm for writing in you?

So, as the last post discussed the problems of writing being hard it can also be very easy when the writing flows.

When you get into the zone as it were.

And Descartes was obviously one of those people who could start writing and become lost in time and thought.

How about YOU?

GO, do that!

Have a great day of writing

Zak ~ going all philosophical on you.

photo credit: pittigliani2005 via photo pin cc
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