DEAD and Gone! Why you should always back up your computer ...




Simply put your work/works (favorite things) on a USB flash drive or CD (that's how easy it is to backup; seriously!).

Else you might have to write a note like this one I viewed on our critique group:

"Sad news, my PC died! I mean it's seriously dead, but the biggest tragedy is not the death of my computer, but the loss of 15 WIPS, a dozen or more short stories and a couple of articles.

My hard drive was not only murdered, but wiped clean. Repairman says there is no way to recover the data. I am crushed beyond words.

Keep writing all,
Sent from my iPhone"

There my friends is a real life horror story of what happens when you simply keep on using your computer without taking precautions.

NOW! GO back up that story you've been working on right now! 


Zak - feeling all cautious and concerned for writerly friends

photo credit: gozdom via photopin cc