Day 18 ~ NaNoWriMo ~ Not much writing getting done...

This years NaNoWriMo is (so far) turning out to be a bit of a fizzer for due to my workload (eg. being called into work on my supposed days off).

So far I've worked nine days in a row with one day off but I had to catch up on the farm (harvesting purple stripe garlic - yum!) so really my day off was work too. 

When I finally I get to my computer I'm so drained I can't be bothered even reading so guess what happens?

Yep, nothing.

However, I had a few minutes before work today and I figured I'd just have to try. NaNoWriMo tends to make you a bit obsessive compulsive as the days go on and I tend to have a great surge of verbal-diarrhoea towards the end (as a normal rule) but I was hoping to avoid that this year... ahem.

SO, I bring out my trusty old methods of squeezing words from my brain when my brain no longer contains any.

Here's my "I've got nothing" method of squeezing. BTW I also know how to cure constipation.

Write a quick paragraph (or whatever else comes) incorporating these five words:

      Pain, friendship, shadow, money, parachute.

It's amazing how a few random words can give you the afflatus you need to keep going. From these few words I was able to eke out over 400 words this morning!

Happy NaNo-ing!

Zak - Overriding exhaustion and trying to remain somewhat sane

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Day 14 ~ NaNoWriMo ~ Week Two ~ Bomb out time, Seth to the Rescue...

The past few days I've been working at my away from home job caring for people in aged care. I love my job but it definitely leaves no time or energy for NaNoWriMo.

I was happy to come across this email from Seth Godin this morning which gave me a little inspiration. I think it's one of his best comments this year.

Here it is and go visit Seth at his blog. You'll be glad you did


When John Coltrane plays the melody early in the track Harmonique, you can hear some of the notes crack.

Of course, Coltrane was completely capable of playing these notes correctly. And yet he didn't. 

It's this effort and humanity that touches us about his solo, not just the melody.

Sometimes, "never let them see you sweat," is truly bad advice. The work of an individual who cares often exposes the grit and determination and effort that it takes to be present.

Perfecting your talk, refining your essay and polishing your service until all elements of you disappear might be obvious tactics, but they remove the thing we were looking for: you.

Thank you, Seth!

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Day 12 ~ NaNoWriMo: Excuses Excuses and Frank No Pants......


NaNoWriMo Update

Hello Numnuts!!!

Start that again... ahem. "Frank, wrack off!"

Frank No Pants just tried to nudge his way onto my blog and tried to push me out of the way ~ "How rude!"

Anyway, I managed to type 500 words for NaNoWriMo this morning and feel pretty good after absolutely no words yesterday and avoiding-a-blog-post-to-boot.

I came to an upsetting conclusion today, that I am indeed related to Frank No Pants! In case you haven't heard of Frank he's related to Zak by a cousin-blood-relationship-imagination-type-thingy. 

You can choose your friends but relatives I guess you just plain get stuck with!

Well, the reason I write this is because Frank No Pants has been winning competitions and I thought how rude. 

Franks only been writing for five minutes and already he's known on Facebook as a "Public Figure" and has his own blog, The Semi-Qualified Proctologist apparently taking the bigger questions in life adding more question-marks in inappropriate places and fair-dinkum-no-bs he's simply an idiot who knows nothing about nothing being advised by idiots who know everything, or so his blog says (and I sincerely believe). 

Next he'll be drawing a salary and avoiding the IRS. Hmph! And to think that Zak has done some editing for him! And Zak only has a couple of random non-fiction works published. Oh the shame of it all...

Enough of my ramblings. I need to go practice my writing. If Frank No Pants can do it, anyone can!

Zak - Going off to lick his NaNo-Mortal and Immortal wounds.

Day 9 ~ NaNoWriMo ~ With Help From Holly Lisles...

Day 9 ~ NaNoWriMo ~ Today earning a crust is definitely going to interfere with my word count total. 


I read an email from Holly Lisle's this morning and I think part of this email is worth passing with a slightly different twist (for Nano purposes).

Basically Holly was promoting her new series of lessons (boot camp) on thinking sideways which seems quite an affordable set of courses (brought as one or as a series-set). It looks like a fun program with lots to be gained but what I also got from her email was that she sits down every day with her timer and her computer, and writes in ten-minute intervals until she completes a first draft.    

The really great part was that she can create around 300 words in ten minutes, in ten minute intervals with breaks every half hour roughly all from two hours work! Yes that's a stretch but it's do-able. 

That's 3600 words a day using just two hours in total. For NaNoWriMo we would need less than half that total (eg one hour) to write 1800 words. We only need 1,667 per day. 

Wouldn't that be a real help?

And doing 10 minutes here and there would still be helpful. How many of us waste ten minutes here and there throughout the day. Grab a notepad and pen or a tablet and just jot for ten minutes.
How's your word count?

Zak - Wondering what the other NaNo-ists are doing.

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Writing for NaNoWriMo ~ A Lesson from Joyce Carol Oates ...


DOING some reading today I learned Joyce Carol Oates sent out her first novel at age 15. The publishers rejected it because it was about a drug addict who finds rehabilitation in a black stallion and they thought it too depressing for young readers.


ANOTHER interesting fact, Oates would write novel after novel and always throw them out when she completed them.


She destroyed her novels! 



She threw them out?


As you know I’ve been struggling with NaNoWriMo this year (and it seems every year I do it I struggle) and the overwhelming encouragement I’ve been receiving has this same theme:


Just write, forget the editing, just write, don’t backspace, just write, and write as though no-one will ever read it.


READING about Oates I realized writing novels and destroying them must have been very liberating for Oates because she wouldn’t have given a second thought that anyone would read what she wrote. She was free to write and enjoy the process and without fear.


This is what everyone’s been trying to tell me!


Now, Just write!



Zak - Sometimes you’ve got to punch me a few times to get the information in..




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