Day 12 ~ NaNoWriMo: Excuses Excuses and Frank No Pants......


NaNoWriMo Update

Hello Numnuts!!!

Start that again... ahem. "Frank, wrack off!"

Frank No Pants just tried to nudge his way onto my blog and tried to push me out of the way ~ "How rude!"

Anyway, I managed to type 500 words for NaNoWriMo this morning and feel pretty good after absolutely no words yesterday and avoiding-a-blog-post-to-boot.

I came to an upsetting conclusion today, that I am indeed related to Frank No Pants! In case you haven't heard of Frank he's related to Zak by a cousin-blood-relationship-imagination-type-thingy. 

You can choose your friends but relatives I guess you just plain get stuck with!

Well, the reason I write this is because Frank No Pants has been winning competitions and I thought how rude. 

Franks only been writing for five minutes and already he's known on Facebook as a "Public Figure" and has his own blog, The Semi-Qualified Proctologist apparently taking the bigger questions in life adding more question-marks in inappropriate places and fair-dinkum-no-bs he's simply an idiot who knows nothing about nothing being advised by idiots who know everything, or so his blog says (and I sincerely believe). 

Next he'll be drawing a salary and avoiding the IRS. Hmph! And to think that Zak has done some editing for him! And Zak only has a couple of random non-fiction works published. Oh the shame of it all...

Enough of my ramblings. I need to go practice my writing. If Frank No Pants can do it, anyone can!

Zak - Going off to lick his NaNo-Mortal and Immortal wounds.

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