Day 18 ~ NaNoWriMo ~ Not much writing getting done...

This years NaNoWriMo is (so far) turning out to be a bit of a fizzer for due to my workload (eg. being called into work on my supposed days off).

So far I've worked nine days in a row with one day off but I had to catch up on the farm (harvesting purple stripe garlic - yum!) so really my day off was work too. 

When I finally I get to my computer I'm so drained I can't be bothered even reading so guess what happens?

Yep, nothing.

However, I had a few minutes before work today and I figured I'd just have to try. NaNoWriMo tends to make you a bit obsessive compulsive as the days go on and I tend to have a great surge of verbal-diarrhoea towards the end (as a normal rule) but I was hoping to avoid that this year... ahem.

SO, I bring out my trusty old methods of squeezing words from my brain when my brain no longer contains any.

Here's my "I've got nothing" method of squeezing. BTW I also know how to cure constipation.

Write a quick paragraph (or whatever else comes) incorporating these five words:

      Pain, friendship, shadow, money, parachute.

It's amazing how a few random words can give you the afflatus you need to keep going. From these few words I was able to eke out over 400 words this morning!

Happy NaNo-ing!

Zak - Overriding exhaustion and trying to remain somewhat sane

photo credit: photosteve101 via photopin cc

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