Day 4 - What happened to Day 3?

Ugh! Day 3 of NaNoWriMo and I've got a title for my first short story, Behind the Shroud, and I have hand-written one page of my autobiographical farm story (suggested by my nephew Aden). No title yet.

One thing I've learnt from this exercise. There's more genres than I ever imaged and so many of them I've never heard of! 

As writers we learn new tricks every day  but I was completely surprised and delighted that I can now also learn about a whole swag of new genres.

Anyway, this isn't getting my 1,667 words written for today so I best "git" and get started.

How's NaNoWriMo for you this year?

Zak - Still flabbergasted at the humongous number of genres out there!

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