Day 5 NaNoWriMo ~ Is it okay to write rubbish?

It's DAY 5 already and I have only managed ONE (1) hand-written page on some obscure topic that I'm sure no-one would ever want to read.

I'm still completing my three hand-written pages of diary entries each day. I've been doing this practice for quite a few years now. It's written as Natalie Goldberg would say, allowing myself to write shit. You simply write three (3) pages every day and feel okay to write anything even nonsense.

Now the idea behind NaNoWriMo is to simply forget about grammar, punctuation, spelling and just write anything to a total of 50,000 words by end 30 November. I've gone and made it a bit harder for myself this year by wanting to write 30 short stories in 30 different genres by the end of the 30 days. I'm finding this quite difficult and hard to focus my attention because the different genres have me asking too many questions. Now that I've set what feels like a mammoth task ahead of me I feel more like writing in just one genre to make it easier. Isn't it funny how the human brain always looks for the easy out.

So it looks like I might have to get out my trusty copy of Natalie Goldberg's, Writing Down the Bones and see if I can glean some inspiration:

Oh yes, this is my favorite bit:

The timed exercise.

Here's what Natalie says in her book ~ "You may time yourself for ten minutes, twenty minutes or an hour. It's up to you ... Whatever time you choose for that session, you must commit yourself to it and for that full period:

Keep your hand moving. (Don’t pause to reread the line you have just written. That’s stalling and trying to get control of what you’re saying). 

Don’t cross out. (That is editing as you write. Even if you write something you didn’t mean to write, leave it.)
Don’t worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar. (Don’t even care about staying within the margins and lines on the page.) 

Lose control. 

Don’t think. Don’t get logical. 

Go for the jugular. (If something comes up in your writing that is scary or naked, dive right into it. It probably has lots of energy.)

These are the rules. It is important to adhere to them because the aim is to burn through your first thoughts to the place where energy is unobstructed by social politeness or the internal censor, to a place where you are writing what your mind actually sees, and feels, not what it thinks it should see or feel".

I love this book and if you have trouble getting focused like I do I suggest you get a copy. It's one of those books you can read over and over. Love it!

Zak - trying to get focused.
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