Day 9 ~ NaNoWriMo ~ With Help From Holly Lisles...

Day 9 ~ NaNoWriMo ~ Today earning a crust is definitely going to interfere with my word count total. 


I read an email from Holly Lisle's this morning and I think part of this email is worth passing with a slightly different twist (for Nano purposes).

Basically Holly was promoting her new series of lessons (boot camp) on thinking sideways which seems quite an affordable set of courses (brought as one or as a series-set). It looks like a fun program with lots to be gained but what I also got from her email was that she sits down every day with her timer and her computer, and writes in ten-minute intervals until she completes a first draft.    

The really great part was that she can create around 300 words in ten minutes, in ten minute intervals with breaks every half hour roughly all from two hours work! Yes that's a stretch but it's do-able. 

That's 3600 words a day using just two hours in total. For NaNoWriMo we would need less than half that total (eg one hour) to write 1800 words. We only need 1,667 per day. 

Wouldn't that be a real help?

And doing 10 minutes here and there would still be helpful. How many of us waste ten minutes here and there throughout the day. Grab a notepad and pen or a tablet and just jot for ten minutes.
How's your word count?

Zak - Wondering what the other NaNo-ists are doing.

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