NanoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month ...

YES! Just a really rushed post here! ... more later.

National Novel Writing Month (aka Nano or NanoWriMo) is on starting today 1st of November for those in the southern hemisphere and 1st of November for those in the north! Now, if that isn't confusing ...

Anyway I'm rushed today so I just want to ask who is going to do Nano this year?


Do you have something to write yet?

For those who don't know what Nano is, go to NANO or type in and read up then get started!

This year I'm going to be writing 30 short stories to make a collection but the one proviso is that they all have to be in different genres. I haven't even checked if there is that many genres yet but I reckon I can probably fudge it from here.

That's enough for today. Let's see where this thing takes us ... please join me and feel free to comment (unfortunately blogger has been moderating my comments lately so sorry about that and I'll have to manually confirm them but I will so don't stress).

BFN (Bye for now!)

Zak - getting really excited about NanoWriMo
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