NaNoWriMo Update ... LIFE of its own!

Well hello again.

NaNoWriMo is now in full swing!

The rest of the world has joined. Butts on seats, ideas spewing out like a Friday night in the gutter after the 3am curfew ... 

Yep, that's Nano time and anything, ANYTHING GOES!

So grab a pen, a keyboard, cat, eye of newt ~ GET WRITING!

As I said yesterday I've set myself a major feat. 

A lot of hype so far but not one word typed and we are at Day 2 in Australia (by the way). I should have come up with this idea and got the groundwork done a month ago. Doesn't matter. A tight deadline is supposed to spur us on ...

So my novel challenge is: 30,000 words in 30 days (less 2 days of stuffing around), 30 genres and each story will be 1,667 words.

Okay, so I've made it a bit tough for myself this year ... 

The idea is to have a go, not necessarily to succeed but to give it your best shot and that's what I'm going to do ...

Now, any ideas on genres?

So far I have collected (with help from my friends - (yeah I do have a couple)) :-

30 Different Genres ... FOR NaNoWriMo this year horror, fantasy, historical, romance (puke), erotica, porn (no, not going there) Science fiction, adventrue, thriller, steam punk (What's that?) urban (?), fantasy, ghost, vampire, zombies, warewolves, paranormal, romance, sword and scorcery, chick-lit (huh?), historical romance, contemporary romance (how's that?), rom-com (double huh?), romantic suspense, suspense, thriller, espionage (too tricky), mystery, eco/disaster (volcanos, etc), steampunk, cyberpunk ... *big breath* 

What else is there?

One of my friends suggested - 
IT has lots of other genres ...

Now, I just need to get writing I guess. Run out of excuses!

Let me know how your NaNoWriMo experience is going ... and feel free to add to the list of genres. I never realized there would be over 30!

Zak - Out of excuses ~ Must start writing
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