Writing for NaNoWriMo ~ A Lesson from Joyce Carol Oates ...


DOING some reading today I learned Joyce Carol Oates sent out her first novel at age 15. The publishers rejected it because it was about a drug addict who finds rehabilitation in a black stallion and they thought it too depressing for young readers.


ANOTHER interesting fact, Oates would write novel after novel and always throw them out when she completed them.


She destroyed her novels! 



She threw them out?


As you know I’ve been struggling with NaNoWriMo this year (and it seems every year I do it I struggle) and the overwhelming encouragement I’ve been receiving has this same theme:


Just write, forget the editing, just write, don’t backspace, just write, and write as though no-one will ever read it.


READING about Oates I realized writing novels and destroying them must have been very liberating for Oates because she wouldn’t have given a second thought that anyone would read what she wrote. She was free to write and enjoy the process and without fear.


This is what everyone’s been trying to tell me!


Now, Just write!



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