The Shooting in Connecticut...

I haven’t written a thing about the tragic events of the shooting in Connecticut because I haven’t known what to write or what to say. I have felt numb and helpless. I don’t know what to think about this terrible event little own write about it.

I have thought about it and thought about the lives of those still here and how it will affect them forever. How it will make some people act now and into the future and how some people will become completely different to whom they otherwise would have been and how it will reshape lives.

I’ve tried to look with positive hope for the future but I’ve been angry and hurt about the harm and sadness the shooting created not only for the individuals directly affected but the many more around the world that have had their hurts reopened as raw and devastating as the day they happened previously.

Silence can be powerful but in our world of internet and everything instant it doesn’t send out much of a message if we all remain quiet. It could be powerful if everyone was to be silent together but as you may have noticed not many are keeping quiet about it except maybe a few people in power that should be making a stand and doing something. I don’t envy anyone in the position of making policy. What can be done? How do you go about putting in place policies to prevent these type of actions?

I know nothing can be done to bring those children and their futures back and I don’t know what is the best action for people to take to help stop things like this happening again.

This is such a tough thing to deal with on so many levels.

Writing a blog post was the only way I felt I could say something when I really didn’t have anything worthwhile or helpful to say and I cannot seem to mouth the words out loud because they are far too hard to express in any meaningful way.

Even writing about this tragic event is hard and I feel no words would ever be enough to express the sincere and extreme regret and sadness I feel for the children, the teachers, their families and everyone who has been affected by this horrific incident.

My words seem cold and useless but still they are out there now and they are heartfelt. 

My deepest sympathy I give to anyone who has been affected by these horrific and senseless deaths. 

 My hope is for a future full of joy and sharing.

Zak - finding it hard to express emotions.

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