Writing: Money or Fame?

What do you want from your writing?

Money or fame?


OR, the opportunity to be creative?

Money? Thought so.

*If only it was a perfect world*

For a lot of us our longing to be imaginative creative writers slides away and towards the need to make a living. Yep, it's that money thing again. 

How can your writing make money?

Whatever you choose there are consequences along the way. I guess we all have to make a living and for some this is a more pressing problem.

Unfortunately we can’t all be fiction writers. Apparently fiction doesn’t pay too well unless you are Stephen King or J K Rowling and happen (to do a heap of work) to jag a great Publishing opportunity.

So what is a writer to do?

Firstly you need to decide what type of writing you want to do and whether you goal is money or pleasure. 

Are you prepared to prostitute yourself into any form of writing?

Unfortunately not everything you want to write about will pay an income. So carefully decide what type of writing you want to do and stick with it. This is called a niche (as you may well already know).

Once you decide on your niche you need to look at the areas you can submit to. These may include magazines usually nonfiction: trade journals and consumer magazines.

You then need to decide which magazine you want to write for and research whether they pay for articles or not. 

The next step is to get familiar with the type of articles the magazine will publish and read their guidelines on how to submit.

This is very important. Read and follow their guidelines.

Yes, it’s work and it’s not the part of being a writer that many enjoy but in order to get your writing submitted and published it's part of the process that needs to be adhered to completely.

That’s enough work for one day.

Happy submitting!

If you get yourself published please remember to come back and share your good news and of course a link to your article. After all, if you want to keep getting paid for your articles you will need readers'  ;)

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