Writing ~ Loosing your fingers...

I enjoy writing (Der! that's a said) and I especially find constructing sentences fascinating.

The other day I was cyber-chatting with fellow writers and one of my writer friends who does a lot of editing mentioned she had a bit of a giggle over some description.

Here’s the sentence.

“She plucked her fingers from her gloves one at a time and held them in her hand”. 

Fantastic and a great visual if that’s the effect the writer was after.

Awesome for horror or weird zombie killing characters but obviously that was not what the writer intended. She simply wanted to show a character taking a pair of gloves off her hands finger by finger.

Another writer added to the conversation by quoting this line

"Up the street the soldiers were marching down”.

I love misplaced or misused words and what fascinates me more is getting those words to somehow illustrate the word pictures that were really intended.

Do you have any doozies to share?

How would you FIX the fingers problem?

photo credit: only alice via photopin cc

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