One Sentence Clinchers...

WHEN a well written sentence just does something for you...

READING Bryce Courteney's, Jack of Diamonds, I came across what, for me, was a one sentence clincher:

IT read something like this (in the voice of  Jack, the main character):

"We didn't see Niagara Falls because they were two-and-a-half miles upstream, but it was pretty sensational crossing the Niagara River gorge on a high - I mean, very high - steel bridge and seeing the water still churning from the falls way down underneath, with a small boat about to sail under the bridge looking about the size of a large leaf".

For me, this scene was totally visual (as it should be) and an exquisite amazing totally edible sentence.

Do you have any one sentence clinchers that do that for you? I would love if you would share them. 

Zak - enjoying a break from work, and finding time to read great books.

photo credit: alex ranaldi via photopin cc