Writing ~ Apes, Teenagers Or Rodeos? The maze of word pictures...


Take a look at this excerpt by Rex L. Adams:

July, 1992. Shawnee, Oklahoma. He sat at the edge of the pool with his feet dangling in the water, leaning back slightly, arms angling down and away from his shoulders, the weight of his torso resting on the palms of his hands.

This piece of writing from Everyday fiction THE SOUND OF HISDYING • by Rex L. Adams drew a picture for me of an ape sitting at the edge of a pool not a teenage boy? (Yep strange).

It WAS supposed to be a teenage boy.

I wondered why I got the picture of the ape?

What do you think?

The part that (for me) gave me this picture was: his torso resting on the backs of his hands. Why? I have no idea. Isn’t it funny the tricks our mind can play with word pictures.

Then there was this brilliant word picture sentence (for me anyway)...
I slid my feet down along his sides, rested my boots on the rungs of the iron chute, my right leg trembling as it always did moments before I had to nod my head. In the arena a chute gate clanged open and the crowd exploded into cheers, and then I heard the first impact, that dull thudding of bone shattering inside the shell that made up the scalp and the face, then there was a second thud, and a third. 

Wow! THAT sentence held no confusion I knew exactly where all this was happening and I was in the moment and part of the scene with the rider. I was on that ride with him and I heard the crack of the guys skull as the bulls hoof came down on his head. 

Words have meaning and word pictures are so powerful.

Zak - contemplating word pictures and word meanings as usual...

photo credit: epSos.de via photopin cc

photo credit: Bill Gracey via photopin cc

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