Been A While...


While I've been back at University studying my little heart out for my Degree, the Degree that seems to get further and further away each semester, I've very much missed updating this blog. Why do Universities keep changing the course and updating it each year? It seems as though my goal is moving ever away from me.

Anyway, while I've been away from this blog, (its been having a bit of a snooze) I've been studying my behind off.

You know how you can hit the SNOOZE button on your clock and how you can also hit the snooze option on your MS Outlook Diary? Well, there's some things I put off until next week then next two weeks then next month, next year and so on... eventually they pop up and I look at the task and think, why did I want to do that anyway? I hit delete. No guilt. No shame. Just DELETE... I don't know where I was going with that... Anyway.

So, how's your writing been going?

I've actually been fitting in a bit of writing here and there.

I attend a local Writer's Group in the next town from me and every month we set each other a challenge. This month we had to write using the word (or prompt) JOY. Last month we wrote using the word CAT. Now that was a good one. There were some really funny stories that came up and everyone had a great time with the challenge.

Here's what I wrote... It's rough draft and it's pretty much stream-of-consciousness. I had fun with it.

Drop me a line if you're still alive out there...

Zak ~ can't wait until this Semester at University...

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