Do You Blog?

According to Ignite Spot, 77% of Internet users read blogs.
6.7 million people blog on blogging sites; and 
12 million people blog via social networks.
So hard to think of something bark-worthy

 That's a lot of thoughts getting posted out there...
As writers, blogging is essential to our promotion-- but it isn't easy. As you can see here at this blog sometimes I blog every day, mostly I blog sporadically but I never give up.

Life and exams get in the way and all good intentions get left…

But blogging is here to stay.

Do you blog?

Why do you blog?

What do you get out of blogging?

Does your pet blog?

Zak - relieved exams are over for another year

Book Review

HornsHorns by Joe Hill

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not nearly as good as NOS4R2.

I found the plot choppy here and there, and there were parts of the book I simply tuned-out from. It was hard to keep interested in the plot at times, and other places simply brilliant. It felt like a first novel attempt but I still found it enjoyable. The storyline left a lot unsaid and a lot undone as far as tying up all the loose ends.

I felt Hill was writing two novels and trying to bind them into one. The ending left me thinking, "And how'd we end up here?" Perhaps I'd tuned out at that point.

In general I find Joe Hill's writing a bit gritty and sometimes offensive. Hill takes his obsession with evil and the devil and twisting the Bible just a bit too far and makes for uncomfortable reading. But, then again I enjoy an uncomfortable read but only if it makes me think. Some parts of the novel were plain boring. I noticed there were times in this novel that resembled what he'd written in NOS4R2 but I felt NOS4R2 was a much better read. 

I loved the choice of character name, Ignatius Martin Perrish, reduced to Ig.

And there were many scenes that were so graphically vivid that I could see the characters and what they were doing. I love when a writer can achieve that.

There's talent in Joe Hill's writing for sure; he's ability to paint a good scene, to make you cringe, he's warped sense of humor and to take a small piece of information or an idea and build a whole story around it. The only area that I felt needed improvement is plot.

I'm intrigued now to read, Heart Shaped Box :)

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NanoWriMo And The Rules For Having Sex...

Nano is on again! 

And this post is really late..

I'm struggling to write anything this year mostly because I haven't tried hard enough, and I'm lazy.

So, I decided to look at the rules for NanoWriMo and see if I could tweak them for myself. I couldn't find any rules so I tweaked some from Natalie Goldberg's, Wild Mind (not literally).

Writing for Nano is like having sex. 

Here are 5 Simple Rules (inspired by (and with a few twists and one addition from) Natalie Goldberg.

  • Keep your hand moving;
  • Be explicit;
  • Get carried away;
  • Don’t think;
  • Break all the rules (That one was mine).
 Anyone here doing Nano this year?

Zak, experiencing a wild moment of inspiration.