NanoWriMo And The Rules For Having Sex...

Nano is on again! 

And this post is really late..

I'm struggling to write anything this year mostly because I haven't tried hard enough, and I'm lazy.

So, I decided to look at the rules for NanoWriMo and see if I could tweak them for myself. I couldn't find any rules so I tweaked some from Natalie Goldberg's, Wild Mind (not literally).

Writing for Nano is like having sex. 

Here are 5 Simple Rules (inspired by (and with a few twists and one addition from) Natalie Goldberg.

  • Keep your hand moving;
  • Be explicit;
  • Get carried away;
  • Don’t think;
  • Break all the rules (That one was mine).
 Anyone here doing Nano this year?

Zak, experiencing a wild moment of inspiration.

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