No Excuses...

Hello Writer Friends,

I've been on a long recess but not through any choice of my own. I got locked out of Blogger when I stupidly agreed to sign up with Google something-or-others and somehow in the midst of all that I was locked out not once but twice from my own blog.

Now that my blog (and possibly my brain is back) and I miraculously got back here errors and all. My blog is still not working as it should, and it's just as likely to boot me off and keep me out all over again but I'm here for now...

LOTS happened.

I FINALLY completed my Business Degree and graduate real soon, have started my own free range egg farm as an extra to the cattle side of things, and still been running a Write Friends group (for several years now) and started up a Facebook page for that which I update religiously every day. You can see it at:  My own writing life went on BIG hold and I've been doing a lot (and I mean a stack for me) of reading;  everything from text books (for University), fiction (for fun) and loads of Stephen King (of course; my Fav. all time author even though he writes creepy stuff) and I've been helping lots of other writers with their writing instead and this has been truly fulfilling.

"Nough 'bout me, what you been up to?

~ Zak - back on deck for now ~