What happened?


Gee the time flew!

Isn't it amazing when you read a book and get so totally involved in it that you completely forget where you are?

This is the dream and ultimate buzz for any reader but more importantly for the writer. To have your readers totally engrossed in your writing; loose themselves and all sense of time and sometimes even reality. Because if the writer feels this way writing the words then chances are the reader is in for a special treat.

Cool huh?

Imagine doing that?

Giving your readers the chance to forget they are reading and be drawn into your world. To have them completely forget where they are. They are no longer simply reading. They are seeing, feeling and imagining the words you used to paint those vivid pictures. This could be the biggest most successful thing we could do as writers.

How awesome!

When was the last time you lost yourself in reading or writing?

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